People get around Makers Valley and access the wider city of Johannesburg using a variety of transportation systems. Moving locally within Makers Valley it is easy to get around by foot, but people also use motorcycles and mopeds, hire a taxi (e.g. via Uber) or catch a ride in a car. To connect with other parts of the city for work, study or accessing other amenities, people also make use of mini-buses and public buses.

Johannesburg has two rail networks, the MetroRail and the GauTrain. MetroRail is an operator of rail services in major urban areas in South Africa. The MetroRail has a much larger network across the city and faces challenges of aging infrastructure compared to the GauTrain which is new, having fully opened in 2012. The Gautrain connects with the international airport. The nearest station to Makers Valley is Johannesburg Park Station where the MetroRail and GauTrain routes also meet.

Student teams from across the UK and Ireland created design solutions to address a challenge being faced in Makers Valley. Explore the submissions below and cast your vote for the People’s Prize

UK2020-147 University of East Anglia

A Transition to Intelligent Public Transport

A carpooling app in cohesion with the current taxi network to gather data for most common routes taken. While gathering data, the project will save taxi companies money on fuel and provide cheaper fares for customers. The decline in fuel used will also reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses.

US2020-082 University of Nevada

 Road to a Brighter Future

Our design proposal is implementing alternating solar and concrete bollards. Safety is a big issue in Makers Valley because there is insufficient lighting for the residents who are often walking to get places. There are several unlicensed drivers; this poses a threat to the safety of pedestrians. These solar bollards, along with the concrete bollards, provide a protective barrier between vehicles and pedestrians. The solar bollards will shine bright during the night to help residents feel safe in their community.