Digital technologies facilitate the movement of information and our ability to communicate for educational, social, economic and political purposes. These technologies comes in many forms such as radios, televisions, computers, internet networks, mobiles and mobile platforms, data loggers and sensors, small data and big data.

Global trends and forecasted changes associated with the increasing use of digital technologies are likely to impact day to day life in Makers Valley just as elsewhere in the world. For example, the number of people taking responsibility for their own education through using digital platforms is expected to accelerate and perhaps even compete with existing methods of education. In addition, there is a worry that with the rise of digital technology, people may become more isolated as the amount of physical communication drops. Digital technologies can enable addressing the issues of all other areas of the brief and increasingly this is happening all around the world.

Student teams from across the UK and Ireland created design solutions to address a challenge being faced in Makers Valley. Explore the submissions below and cast your vote for the People’s Prize

UK2020-102 Manchester Metropolitan University

Low cost security system

We plan on making a simple PIR sensor security system to reduce crime in makers valley. When armed the PIR sensor detects movement and then wirelessly transmits it to the centre console using Xbees’ the centre console starts a timer of 60 seconds at which point the user could reset if it is a false alarm. if the alarm is real after the timer hits 0 the GPS location is sent to the authorities via GSM.

UK2020-082 University College Dublin


The lack of internet is an issue in Makers Valley and so we wanted to help improve the accessibility of the internet to schools and local businesses, as well as the community itself. We wanted to do this in a functional and artistic manner, and also by including the makers and artists of Makers Valley. The Connectivi-Tree is a tree shaped source of internet. It is to be made from recycled materials such as scrap metal and plastic bottles. The crown of the tree would be made by local artists. This ‘Tree’ is made by the community, for the community.