Makers Valley is predominantly and traditionally a light industrial area, known for its eclectic range of businesses and manufacturing. The built environment in Makers Valley is characterised by residential streets interspersed with industrial units and buildings, and local amenity shops. The buildings in Makers Valley date from the early 1900s to more recent construction with reinforced concrete commonly featuring as a construction material.

As part of the inner city, Makers Valley comes within the oversight of the Johannesburg Inner City Partnership (JICP). The Johannesburg Inner City Partnership then collaborates with the City of Johannesburg, other spheres of government and the private sector, aiming to improve the built environment across the inner city of Johannesburg in line with wider political drivers.

Student teams from across the UK and Ireland created design solutions to address a challenge being faced in Makers Valley. Explore the submissions below and cast your vote for the People’s Prize

UK2020-122 Teeside University

Provision of streetlights to cut crime in Makers Valley

The team hypothesises that developing solar streetlights within the streets of Makers Valley will improve the lives of people within the community, whilst also reducing the overall level of crimes committed, making it safer. It is also a benefit because with the lights being there then if people witness crimes then people will be able to identify people easier and this is also predicted to be beneficial as well.

UK2020-172 University of Portsmouth

Adult Education centre

Our design is a two storey building with a creative space allowing the development of practical and IT courses with a large hall for various uses during and after school times. Through students developing their knowledge in trades and learning new skills, within a couple of years adults within the local area will be able to start a new career in their chosen subject in turn decreasing unemployment.

US2020-080 University of Nevada

Communal Features for The Future

Our design solution is a community park/plaza that provides green space, allows people to come together in the community, and promotes the local economy. The built environment of Makers Valley doesn’t provide optimal communal features for its residents. Therefore, 3 proposals have been made to solve the problems faced by the people of Makers Valley. Alternative 1 is a community plaza/park, while alternative 2 is an emergency tower, and Alternative 3 is an indoor–outdoor marketplace for the residents of Makers Valley. The criteria prioritises the safety provided by the alternative designs and how those designs will be accepted by the local community of Makers Valley. The criteria also emphasises a need to increase the social interaction and economic activity of the residents of Makers Valley.