Global indicators inform us that the way we live is creating huge challenges for humanity and the planet we live on. Millions of people continue to live without access to basic necessities for a safe and just life, yet in providing for the few that have, we’ve already overshot the ecological limits of planet Earth. If we want a future where everyone’s needs are met for generations to come, we need to radically transform the current business as usual approach and embed ingenious new ways for all human life to flourish, without sacrificing millions more species and the future of our planet.

Engineers Without Borders UK galvanises the engineering community to serve all people and our planet better than ever before. To achieve this, we advocate that mainstream engineering practices evolve to become globally responsible; ensuring that engineering is contributing to an environmentally sound and socially just future for all people on the planet.

This is a fundamental and urgent change to current, business as usual engineering. The scientific evidence is mounting and climate and biodiversity emergencies have already been declared; it is becoming increasingly clear that the next ten years will be crucial in determining the future of this planet.

As we consider what we will contribute to address these urgent issues, we want your thoughts on how we can turn globally responsible engineering into a recognised mainstream practice.

We have no planet B and the time is now to make the difference.