Who are Engineers Without Borders UK's partner organisations?

Our partner organisations are Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and small and medium-sized businesses which have a significant poverty-reduction component to their work. We enter into long-term partnerships with these organisations to ensure sustainability is at the heart of all of our projects working alongside passionate local engineers and technicians.

What is your Global Engineer Fellowship Programme?

Our Global Engineer Fellowships have come about in response to us wanting more collaboration between our partners, young professionals and student members. We believe that through greater collaboration and support and peer to peer learning these Global Engineer Fellowship Teams can pioneer a more collaborative and impactful approach to how we work with our international partners.

Our Global Engineer Fellowships place a team of engineers (Senior Fellows) and engineering students (Junior Fellows) together to work on a project put forward by one of our partner organisations. The programme entails two or three Junior Fellows working together with two Senior Fellows on a specific component of the latter’s work.

Our Senior Fellowships are targeted at individuals who have at least two years (working) experience and are interested in strengthening their own managerial and mentoring skills. Senior Fellows will play a more integral and strategic role in working with the partner and Engineers Without Borders UK. They will also support and mentor one of our member groups and help them to develop and design a project with the partner that could be implemented in country. Global Engineer Fellows will collaborate with Engineers Without Borders UK and the partner after their placement to redefine the scope of future projects.

My organisation would like to work with Engineers Without Borders UK and/or have a volunteer to assist in our work

We are not currently seeking any new partnerships at this time.

If you have an engineering questions you can pose it to our online membership community through our KnowledgePoint platform here.


What selection criteria do Engineers Without Borders UK use when selecting their international projects and partners?

All of our current partnerships go through a rigorous selection process and match the following criteria:

  • All of our international work meets with our strategic goal to enable partner organisations, people and communities to use and develop their engineering capabilities to address relevant global challenges.
  • All of Engineers Without Borders UK Partners work on engineering related projects in the WASH, Clean Energy or Built Environment sectors. We are not a disaster relief organisation and therefore do not recruit volunteers to work in disaster relief or emergency response.
  • All of our partners have a permanent presence in the countries and communities they work in and have a history of successful programme implementation and clear impact. All programmes being undertaken by partners and Engineers Without Borders UK volunteers must show a clear need for why the programme is necessary and all programmes must be sustainable in their design and implementation.
  • All of our partners have a passionate and driven local workforce and team who have some engineering experience. Engineers Without Borders UK volunteers all have a clear mandate for sharing knowledge and working alongside local technical and engineering staff. All placements undertaken by volunteers do not take employment away from local community members and our partners must show evidence of why a local engineer cannot undertake the work of the volunteer.

How can I volunteer for an Engineers Without Borders UK international project?

Our international volunteering opportunities typically start between May and September each year and run for 6 or 12 months.

You can learn more about the kind of work international volunteers do here. Applications open in mid-November and close in mid-January (exact dates are confirmed closer to time).  For more information about the programme look at our work in the WASH, Energy and Built Environment sectors here.

Do I have to pay to take volunteer on an international project?

We offer subsidised opportunities to successful candidates but volunteers are required to fundraise for Engineers Without Borders UK. Minimum fundraising targets are 6 months: £1600 and 12 months: £2200.

We cover : flights; accommodation; basic food; work related travel; comprehensive insurance; visas; 50 percent of the pre-departure training cost; contribution towards essential vaccinations and antimalarials.

We do not cover: any costs relating to non-essential vaccinations; placement-related travel within the UK; toiletries; luxury items; non-local food; spending money; personal travel expenses and insurance; insurance for computers and electrical items.

Please note: All expenses are calculated on the local cost of living and paid into volunteers’ UK bank accounts. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to manage this grant for the duration of their placement. Engineers Without Borders UK are not responsible for reimbursing any expenses incurred above the grant we provide.

Why do I have to fundraise to volunteer on an international project?

Volunteer fundraising makes up approximately 10 percent of the total cost of an international placement.  Therefore the money that volunteers fundraise is only a contribution towards the total costs of running our international projects. Fundraising also shows your commitment to the programme and helps you to learn more about the work of Engineers Without Borders UK, raise awareness for our organisation and the work we do in the UK and abroad. It also helps you to develop useful skills and build confidence! Your international placement doesn’t begin when you step on the plane, it begins at home. Fundraising is an essential part of this.

I am not British, nor an engineer. Can I still apply to be a volunteer on an international project?

Because of the limited number of international projects we conduct we offer we only accept applications from citizens or residents of the United Kingdom.

We accept people from all disciplines but the majority come from an engineering background due to the technical nature of our placements. The programme is open to early career professionals or graduates and all applicants go through a competitive recruitment and interview process. All volunteers receive comprehensive training prior to departing and are supported whilst overseas.

The international opportunity I want to apply for lasts 12 months but I can only commit to 10 months. Should I still apply?

To ensure better continuity between volunteers, more impactful development work and a more productive learning experience for our volunteers and partners, we have a marked preference for volunteers who can commit to the entire duration of the placement and priority will be given to candidates who can commit to the full 12 months.

However if a candidate submits a very strong application and performs well in the interview we will consider shortening the opportunity.

This only applies to our 12-month opportunities; our 6-month opportunities are non-negotiable on duration.

How can I get involved with Engineers Without Borders UK?

There are a number of ways you can get involved with our organisation. Opportunities range from fundraising through to volunteering. Learn more on our Join The Movement page.

How can I join my Engineers Without Borders UK university member group?

We have a large number of Member Groups around the UK, including university student groups. You can find your nearest Member Group here along with further information about getting in touch with them.

Do you have any paid jobs available?

Any vacancies for paid positions will be advertised on the job board on our website, as well as a number of third party sites that specialise in recruitment for charities and NGOs.  We will also advertise paid positions through our social media channels.


Where can I learn more about your work in the UK?

Our work in the United Kingdom focuses on working with the education sector and partner organisations to use science and technology to alleviate poverty. You can learn more about our initiatives in the United Kingdom on our Inspiring Change in Engineering Education page. You can also learn more about our work to influence the engineering sector here.

How can I deliver the Engineering for People Challenge at my university?

Please use the contact form and select ‘EWB Challenge’ as the enquiry type to get in touch with our team.

Can only engineers be involved in your work in the UK and internationally?

No! We have people from a range of backgrounds involved in our organisation. Although we work on engineering related programmes we feel passionately that human centred design takes more than an engineers perspective.

My organisation is looking for funding and is wondering if Engineers Without Borders UK can assist?

We do not fund any international work outside of our international projects. We are also unable to assist organisations in applying for, or obtaining funding.

How can I support your international work?

We have a variety of roles in our UK based volunteer team that we advertise on our volunteer with us page when they come up. One of the most important ways you can support is by fundraising for us! If you are interested in putting together an event that raises funds for our international work, or if you are a company wanting to sponsor or support the programme,  get in touch through the contact us page or by phone.