Engineering Solutions in Kenya’s Largest Slum – 13 December 2016

7th December 2016
Drainage channel to prevent flooding under contruction
Drainage channel to prevent flooding under construction

Join us at University College London (UCL) on Tuesday 13 December for a presentation about Engineers Without Borders UK’s work supporting the development of ‘Productive Public Spaces’ in East Africa’s largest slum.  Hear from our team of professional engineers and students from EWB-UCL about the work that they were doing and how engineering is interacting with communities to develop solutions and infrastructure that change lives.

Kibera, Nairobi is home to roughly 750,000 people. There is little traditional open space within the slum and when space is available, it is often used as a dumping site for rubbish or open defecation. These problems exacerbate poor drainage issues and when the heavy seasonal rains arrive flooding becomes a major issue for Kibera’s residents.

Engineers Without Borders UK have worked with Kounkuey Design Initiative (KDI), for several years on a series of projects called ‘Productive Public Spaces’ which aim to develop an area of the slum and provide it with improved sanitation, safe drinking water and opportunities for inhabitants to engage in income generating activities. These spaces are co-developed, designed and operated by the local community.

In 2016 Engineers Without Borders UK recruited a team of engineers from the engineering sector and students from EWB-UCL to work on two such public space projects in Kibera. One team worked on urban flooding and drainage and the other team on a school building and community center. Members of both teams will be sharing their experiences at the event with the opportunity for questions at the end.

The talk is of interest to people from all backgrounds and will discuss approaches to community development, engineering and the realities of living and working in Kibera and Nairobi. Part of this work has been supported by the Happold Foundation.

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