The submission deadline for the Engineering for People Design Challenge Grand Finals 2018-19 is 30 April 2019. The submission portal will open on 31 January 2019, academics will have been sent an email detailing how their selected teams can submit their reports.

Submission involves completing a form with the details of all competing team members, submitting a report and any other supporting materials (see below for details) and the agreement of all team members to the terms and conditions of entry.


The report should be no more than 4,000 words long and must be submitted with a table of contents, an executive summary, and all references; this material is not included in the 4,000 limit word count. The report should clearly explain:

  • The process the team went through to identify their design criteria
  • The alternative options considered during the design process
  • The recommended design, addressing each of the review criteria that will be used to assess reports
  • Justification for their recommended design based on their design criteria, in particular, how the selected design is appropriate to the social, environmental, economic and cultural context of the community
  • The long term sustainability of the recommended design
  • Any implementation plans (distribution, construction, operation) and maintenance or engineering work relating to the recommended design
  • Outline the details of any external support provided to the design team and identify any content that is not attributable to the design team
  • Contain a reflection on students’ learning / experience gained

The explanation can include drawings or other graphics produced in the design process to help with this explanation.

Supporting Materials

Teams are welcome to submit additional supporting material as part of their design submission. However, report reviewers will be instructed to base their assessment on the merit of the design report alone and therefore it must be a cohesive document. Any additional material should only be used to compliment the design report should it eventually be deemed useful to our community partner. Acceptable materials include:

  • Videos
  • Prototypes
  • Flyers/brochures
  • User manuals
  • CAD drawings/files

Report Review process

Submitted student reports will be assessed by a team of report reviewers according to the Engineering for People Design Challenge marking criteria.

The report reviewer position is a voluntary role. Report reviewers can be professional engineers, academics, graduate students, or returned overseas volunteers for example.

Report reviewers produce feedback on the submitted reports. This feedback is returned to each team regardless of outcome.