Over 7,000 students took part in this year’s Engineering for People Design Challenge set in Makers Valley, South Africa. After the initial assessment by academics to 87 designs, our professional pool of reviewers whittled the submissions down further 37 designs. During the now virtual Grand Finals series, students will pitch their designs to an expert panel of judges during sessions that will take place between 8 June -18 June. The judges will then determine the top six teams, which will be announced during the final session on Friday 3 July. After a brief summary of these designs the pre determined winning, runners up and Peoples Prize winners will be awarded. To see the full agenda and attend this final session live, sign up here.

Also during this Grand Finals series we will be hosting a panel discussion on Wednesday 1 July. The panelists, from a variety of backgrounds will be discussing Big engineering, local context: The importance of community consultation. We welcome anyone to attend; simply sign up to stay up to date with the panelists as they are announced and have the opportunity to send us any questions you think should be explored.

The People’s Prize

Explore the top 37 design ideas and vote for the one you believe has considered its social, environmental and economic impacts most effectively.

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Participating in the Grand finals?

If you have been invited to participate in the Grand Finals series you will have been notified by email. The next stage in the Design Challenge is the pitching phase taking place from 8 June – 18 June. We have created some essential guidance which provides you with detail on the pitch parameters as well as tips on how to best prepare and present as a team.

After the pitching phase the you are invited to join us for the panel discussion on Big engineering, local context: The importance of community consultation taking place on Wednesday 1 July and to attend the final session in the Grand Finals series on Friday 3 July where the winners and runners up will be announced as well as an opportunity to reflect on your accomplishments.

Please email us at [email protected] if you cannot attend your pitching session or have any other questions at this time.

“Congratulations on completing the Engineering for the People Design Challenge 2019-20! We were challenged by the questions you posed but found them both intriguing and inspiring. We are really excited to see the projects that you have developed, understanding how you have placed the community of Makers Valley at the heart of them. To more success as you continue engineering for the people!”

Christopher Muaku Tshibansa, Makers Valley

Last year's grand finals

Student Design Ideas

Explore the design ideas from the Engineering for People Design Challenge 2019/20!

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The People’s Prize

Cast your vote for the Engineering for People Design Challenge People’s Prize! Explore the top 37 UK and Ireland submissions and help decide who should win the £500 educational bursary.

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Judges Biographies

Find out more about the judges for the Engineering for People Design Challenge 2019/20 Grand Finals.

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