In 2021, we introduced a new partnership model to increase our impact to respond to the pressing need for new skill sets within the engineering profession. For example, the Skills for net-zero and a green recovery’ 2021 report by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) shows only 7% of engineering companies in the UK with a sustainability strategy say they have the skills needed to fulfil it. To ready students, it requires a transformation in how to educate future engineering workforces. We need to embed collaboration, empathy, cross-disciplinarity learning, ethics, systems thinking, inclusive approaches and real-world examples alongside technical education to provide the opportunity for engineers to learn how to produce globally responsible solutions.

To help address this need, we are introducing strategic university partnerships aimed at embedding global responsibility into the education and student experience at university. We work with partners to design a broad, cohesive package of work, all aimed to inspire and nurture global responsibility in your students to create alumni that change the world and share how they got there.

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