The generous donation of time and skills can be invaluable to us, reducing our operating costs and enabling us to achieve more.

To discuss supporting us through pro-bono work or Gifts in Kind please contact our fundraising team.  You may also be interested in our ‘Work with Us‘ page, where current volunteering opportunities will be advertised.

Some of the pro bono services and Gifts in Kind that are particularly useful to us are:

Meeting space and venues for events
Financial services e.g. auditing
Creative design work
IT support (specifically web support (WordPress) and CRM support (Salesforce))
Prizes for raffles and auctions
Business/financial management consultancy
Operations and governance consultancy
PR and marketing

From time to time we also look for pro bono technical support for specific projects or training courses. Please sign up to our newsletter and follow us on social media to be kept up to date about these opportunities.