Then be part of our expert pool of reviewers for the Engineering for People Design Challenge. Your participation as an Engineering for People Design Challenge Reviewer will make an invaluable contribution to the work we do and give university students a professional and real world perspective on their work.

What is the Engineering for People Design Challenge?

The Engineering for People Design Challenge is an award winning initiative that inspires engineering students to recognise the pivotal role they will play in achieving a sustainable future. Through working on real world issues and putting people at the forefront of engineering design, this programme prepares first and second year engineering students to demonstrate how they understand context, can identify engineering issues and are able to justify their recommended design ideas so that they can become globally responsible engineers who can invest their skills and talent in engineering that benefits us all. Students work in teams to produce a design report with a solution focusing on one of the areas presented in a real life brief.

This is where you come in…

In order to make this experience as authentic as possible, we require professionals to review the reports that are submitted. The Engineering for People Design Challenge Review Panel consists of individuals from Engineers Without Borders UK’s corporate partners and supporters.

Next steps as a Report Reviewer

Apply to become an Engineering for People Design Challenge Report Reviewer through our application form and specify your availability for a Report Reviewer Webinar Briefing.

Participate in the Webinar Briefing, asking any questions you may have about the review process. Each Report Reviewer will specify the number of reports they are willing to review as well as the thematic area they feel competent in assessing.

Read and review the student reports sent to you against the provided Engineering for People Design Challenge marking criteria. (45 mins per report)

Provide constructive comments against each review criteria – remember you are reviewing student reports!

Each report will be double marked to produce an average score. The scores will be used to select the top team in each university to present at the Grand Finals Finals and be eligible for the various prizes on offer.

Find out more about the Engineering for People Design Challenge by heading here.

Key dates:

01 May 2018 Reports assigned to Reviewers.

16 May 2018 Deadline for report reviews.

20 June 2018 Engineering for People Design Challenge Grand Final.

If you would like to apply then please submit the below form to us: