We’re part of a global movement of over 60 Engineers Without Borders organisations, and tens of thousands of committed engineers. Together, we put global responsibility at the heart of engineering. A new generation of creative, innovative and socially responsible engineers can transform the world around us, making it fairer, greener and safer.

The more of us there are, and the more connected we are, the more change we can create. Use your engineering powers to disrupt the status quo and make the world a better place.

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The latest

The latest developments in globally responsible engineering. Opinions, events, and updates on our work.

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The work

We nurture and develop future and current engineers and leaders in schools, in universities, and in innovative organisations around the world.

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Community groups

Join one or many of our community groups to get involved in how we spread the word, come up with new ideas and achieve action. 

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Our story

Engineers Without Borders started when a group of engineers gave their time and their skills to help people in Ethiopia during the famine of the early 1980s. Now there are 60 organisations around the world.

Our organisation, Engineers Without Borders UK, emerged at the beginning of the millennium, during an era of greater global consciousness, which saw the world commit to the Millennium Development Goals.

In 2001, a group of students at University of Cambridge were inspired by one of the founders of Engineers Without Borders Canada, and set up the organisation in the UK.

We became a registered company and charity in 2004, but the big shift came in 2006 when we went from being a group of volunteers to having permanent professional staff.

In 2011, we began to make an impact on the UK’s education system. Our award-winning Engineering for People Design Challenge prepares students, the engineers of the future, to become globally responsible engineers.

In 2016, we launched our ambitious new five-year strategy Engineering Change, which sets out how we will transform engineering so that it benefits everyone.

Today we continue to grow in size, reach and impact. You can be a part of our future.

Our strategy


Meet the team

Our trustees and staff play a key role in driving and facilitating the movement.

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The movement

We’re leading a movement to unleash the power of engineering to build a better future for us all. We want you to be part of it.

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Have a question, or want some more information? Get in touch with the team.

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