Engineering Change: Our Strategy 2016-21

People, everywhere deserve a world where they can achieve their potential and live healthy, happy lives. The reality today is far from this and many of us still lack access to basic services and all of us are at risk from resource constraints, the effects of climate change, increasing urbanisation and a global population that is rapidly expanding.  We know that engineering is capable of addressing global challenges and enabling sustainable human development.  Click below to read our ambitious call to action for engineers, the engineering community and wider society to respond to global issues.



2016 was an incredible year for Engineers Without Borders UK; we received recognition for our educational work in the UK and our collaborative projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America, implemented our new strategy – Engineering Change 2016-21, inspired 2,091 young people with our youth outreach programme, delivered 26 international projects in water, sanitation and hygiene, energy and the built environment and crowdsourced ideas from 4,653 students in the Engineering for People Design Challenge. Click below to read about these phenomenal achievements and many others.

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