A debrief day for our returning volunteers

28th December 2017

We held a successful debrief in November which brought together 10 former volunteer engineers to reflect on their placements designing stoves in India, water filtration systems in Mexico, rainwater harvesting systems in the Philippines and designing an electronic load controller in Malaysian Borneo.

On a wet Saturday in November, the empty offices of Arup were brought to life with the excited chatter of our 10 returned Engineers Without Borders UK international volunteers and Junior Fellows reflecting on their placements.

The day was successful at giving our volunteers the space to discuss their unique engineering journey and what is meant by the nuanced topic of international development. Our volunteers, who had spent between 4 weeks to 12 months on placements in Mexico, the Philippines, Malaysian Borneo and India, were forthcoming in sharing their lessons, reflections and challenges.

It was great to hear that so many volunteers will continue to support with Engineers Without Borders UK  as Outreach Ambassadors, Partnerships Coordinators and fundraisers. We also look forward to hearing how our Junior Fellows will continue to support our partner, Prakti, in their academic studies.

We would like to thank our returned volunteers for their time and congratulations for successfully completing our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited course ‘Engineering in an International Development context’, which for some had started back in April 2016!

If you would like to support our work why not have a look at our 2018 international opportunities to see if you could volunteer with our partners overseas? Not an option? You can still support our work by becoming a member!

Engineers Without Borders UK would like to thank the Happold Foundation for its support to the Global Engineer Fellowship programme.

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