Promoting the teaching of international development issues in the university curriculum.

Skype Conference regarding ENVISION 2010 at Imperial College

Event Date: 
6 January, 2007 - 21:30 - 22:30
Winnie Yiu

Andrew Lamb

Jignesh Parekh

Thalia Konaris

Winnie Yiu


To discuss ENVISION 2010

in particular:

1. how EWB-IC can collaborate with ENVISION to incorporate development engineering into curriculums

2. how EWB-IC can work with Developing Technologies on a joint proposal to ENVISION

Please see attached document for further details


Please see attached document


2 meetings to be set up during the week beginning 8th January 2007

1. Jignesh to set up meeting with DT

2. Steve to set up meeting with Ruth Graham/Linda Hatano

Please see attached document for further details

Meeting with Ian Neal of Engineers Against Poverty (EAP) re DfID Development Awareness Fund application 25 May 2006

Event Date: 
25 May, 2006 - 01:00 - 15:00
St James Park, London

Stephen Jones

Ian Neal (EAP)


In October 2005, EWB-UK considered submitting a proposal to DfID's Development Awareness Fund (see to expand its training and research schemes and begin more work in the area of 'education'. Predominantly due to a lack of time to prepare the application, EWB-UK decided not to submit it at this stage. Engineers Against Poverty (EAP,, who were to be one of the partners on the proposal, instead submitted their own proposal (see attached file) that mainly concentrated on setting up the initial stages of discussion amongst universities and other groups to try and include more development-related work in undergraduate engineering courses ie the 'education' side of things.


In April 2006, EAP learned that their proposal had been approved and they would receive c £60,000 worth of funding for the next year or so to work on the project.


This meeting with Ian Neal was to get an update on progress since the funding had been approved and to discuss EWB-UK's involvement in the plan.




  • Most work so far has been discussions between EAP and Doug Bourne, Director of DEA (Development Education Association). This has produced a 'consultation document', also attached, which they plan to distribute to relevant parties to collect feedback on this sort of work.
  • The part-time employee listed in the DAF proposal is likely to be Ian Neal himself.
  • The next planned step is to organise a meeting in the autumn for the relevant parties to meet and discuss ways forward.
  • Ian thinks that the way to attempt to influence curriculum change is to work through a body called the Joint Board of Moderators (, set up by the engineering instituions to accredit university courses. At the same time he thinks there is the need to work at the level where EWB-UK currently is (encouraging universities to make increase development-related topics in courses by eg the Engineer in Society lectures in Cambridge and the solar cooker project started in Imperial's course) to show that there is student demand for this sort of thing.
  • Other plans mentioned in the proposal such as trying to get universities to agree to a certain number of development-related 4th year undergrad projects per year are still just ideas at the moment.




  • Continuing to work at university level on examples such as above where there is the capacity and member interest to do so.
  • Continue research scheme as we are planning.
  • Be represented in the discussion meetings planned to take place.




  • Although listed as a partner in the original proposal RedR are not very interested, and it is less relevant to them.
  • Noting the success of EAP with this proposal, EWB-UK should strongly consider if it will be suitable to apply to the same fund for the next deadline (likely to be October 2006) for areas where we can demonstrate that the fund would able us to expand already successful activities such as training. Note that the fund is for increasing development awareness in the UK so placements etc are not a likely thing to be funded.

EWB Oxford - Water for the World

 The Water for the World project is one that is aimed at educating students in the UK about the importance of water as a basic resource, how it is unevenly distributed around the world, and what we they can do to make a difference.


EWB-UK recognises the long-term importance of giving students exposure to development issues as part of their education. An education working group is exploring initiatives to raise the profile of international development in Engineering and related university courses, and is also working on the long-term project of providing a modular MPhil course in overseas development using as a basis the master's course provided by ISF Spain.

ADP Event - 'Is Engineering Education Appropriate?'

Event Date: 
15 Mar 06, 18:00 - 21:00
The Queens Building, Emmanuel College, Cambridge