Take down and Notification Policy

All material on the EWB-UK website is subject to temporary or permanent removal pending the outcome of any complaint.

Complaints will normally be concerned with the ownership of intellectual property rights, moral rights and other legal issues. Grounds for complaint may include (but not be limited to) unauthorised reproduction, integrity, breach of confidence or data protection.

If you are a rights holder and are concerned that you have found material on our website, for which you have not given permission, or is not covered by a limitation or exception in national law, please contact us in writing stating the following:

  1. Your contact details
  2. The full bibliographic details of the material
  3. The exact and full url where you found the material
  4. Proof that you are the rights holder and a statement that, under penalty of perjury, you are the rights holder or are an authorised representative

You should send your complaint to challenge[at]ewb-uk.org.

On receipt of your complaint, EWB-UK will:

  1. Acknowledge receipt of your complaint by email or letter and will make an initial assessment of the validity and plausibility of the complaint.
  2. Upon receipt of a valid complaint, temporarily remove the material from the EWB-UK website pending an agreed solution.
  3. Contact the contributor who provided the material and notify them the material is subject to a complaint, what the allegations are, and they will be encouraged to address the complaint.
  4. Encourage the complainant and the contributor to resolve the issue swiftly and amicably and to the satisfaction of both parties, with the following possible outcomes:
    • The material is replaced on the EWB-UK website unchanged.
    • The material is replaced on the EWB-UK website with changes.
    • The material is permanently removed from the website.
  5. ‚Äčensure the material remains unavailable through the EWB-UK until a time when a resolution has been reached and, if a resolution has not been resolved within 60 days of notification, the complaint will be taken as upheld and the material removed from the website.

The data describing the complaint will remain with EWB-UK as a trace.

This policy is based on a number of existing takedown policies shared under Creative Commons licences.