Other Ways To Give

Give As You Shop

Easyfundraising Logo

If you shop online, shop via easyfundraising.org.uk and you will raise money for EWB-UK with every purchase! Whether you are shopping for music, books, clothes, insurance or flights, you can buy through easyfundraising and the retailer will donate to EWB-UK. The best thing is, it won't cost you a penny.

Give as you Travel


GiveOrTake Logo

This particular link: http://www.thegivingmachine.co.uk/retailer_details_page.php?retailer_id=174 allows you to give when you buy train tickets- so whether that be train tickets to EWB-UK run or related events, or for your own personal reasons, please think of us and nominate us as your chosen charity. This requires no extra cost on your part, yet will really benefit us!


Give As You Sell

MissionFish Logo

You can now raise money for EWB-UK every time you sell items on Ebay!

Thanks to eBay for Charity, powered by the nonprofit MissionFish, you can now sell items on eBay and donate up to 100% of the final sale price to Engineers Without Borders UK.

All you have to do is select Engineers Without Borders UK as the benefitting nonprofit organization for your item, and then the listing will appear on eBay with a special logo indicating it’s for sale to benefit a good cause. eBay has found that charity items get a lot more bids than regular listings.

You can also select ‘Engineers Without Borders UK’ as your favourite charity on the ‘My Favourite Charities’ page in your eBay Donation Account.

If you are in the US visit the US version, eBay Giving Works. EWB-UK's own eBay page can be found here.


Give as you Recycle

Recycle used ink cartridges through Wise Fundraising Ltd and 20% of the value goes to EWB-UK.And if you buy cartridges through the website, 10% of the value goes to EWB-UK.Similar schemes are available for recycling mobile phones and foreign coins.




You can now raise money for EWB-UK every time you visit a website or search the web!

Everyclick.com is a great search engine. It works just like other major search engines but it also generates cash for charity (1p per search). There is no cost to you or EWB-UK. Give it a go;

Here's some suggestions on how to use Everyclick:

  • Make Everyclick.com your homepage and add it to your searchbar
  • Add Everyclick to your email signature and Facebook profile
  • Recruit family members and anyone else who’d be keen to support EWB-UK
  • Track personal money raised after you get at least one person to join your group

If we can get 100 people averaging at least 5 searches per day, that’s more than £5 per day. In one year we’ll raise over £1,800, enough for two overseas summer placements! And there’s no reason it can’t be more...