Corporate Support

Companies committed to supporting human development in some of the world’s most disadvantaged communities have the opportunity to be Corporate Supporters of EWB-UK. Many companies already enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship with EWB-UK.

By supporting us, you will form a partnership with students, mainly engineering, and professionals in the UK and with partner organisations and communities in developing countries. Our corporate support levels are as follows.


Primary Sponsor
Silver Sponsor
Bronze Sponsor
Sustained relationship:
≥£20,000 annually
Strong relationship:
≥£10,000 annually
≥£5,000 annually
≥£365 annually


Our corporate supporters benefit from improved staff retention and development, positive publicity, and recruitment from our skilled and motivated membership.

There are many ways companies can support EWB-UK:

  • Financial donations are the most direct way to support our activities.
  • In-kind support of products and services for our programmes will also maintain our low operating costs.
  • Advice from experienced professionals is invaluable when we plan and run our activities.
  • Through recycling schemes such as the ink cartridge, mobile phone and foreign coins. Schemes provided by WiseRecycling where, at no cost, the company is able to donate to EWB-UK.
  • Additional sponsor opportunities are available, such as at specific events and local university branches.


Staff Development and Retention

Support of EWB-UK builds on your organisation’s expertise. Staff can become EWB Champions in their offices or members of our Professional Network, where they have varying levels of management responsibilities supporting our programmes, teams and finances. Involvement builds team skills and experience of stakeholder participation in projects and members have a wide range of networking opportunities.

Younger staff can develop their technical skills in projects that are low risk yet complex and worthwhile, within our support framework. They gain skills which encourage a stakeholder focus to apply in their professional roles.

Experienced engineers can reconnect to on-the-ground work through project mentoring and participation. Our programmes give opportunities for knowledge transfer from experienced to less experienced engineers.

Recruitment and Networking

EWB-UK help young engineers in the UK to develop the skills and understanding to tackle the global challenges faced by their generation. Our members have the skills and motivation to drive positive change. By supporting EWB-UK, you will have the opportunity to reach out to these incredible young people and encourage them to join your team. 

We are building a community of organisations with a global outlook who are working towards social change. We partner with some of the most well-known companies in the world. We can offer you and your employees opportunities to network, meet like-minded individuals and inspirational leaders from industry and share best practice.

Sponsors will prominently be identified in the following ways:

  • Primary sponsors can award a named prize to an outstanding Member at our National Awards.
  • Feature in our annual “Sponsors Summary”, distributed to all Members.
  • Named in EWB-UK promotional material, including our Annual Report.
  • Name and logo displayed at national EWB-UK events and on our website as shown with our current sponsors here
  • Network with members and other supporters at appropriate EWB-UK events.

EWB-UK Feedback

Supporters are kept well informed of our activities and are invited to presentations given by EWB-UK members on their work and experiences.

In recognition of their sustained support, Primary and Silver Sponsors are linked to named projects whose participants will give a presentation on experiences and provide reports.


If you would like to explore how your company can become involved in EWB-UK, please contact the Fundraising Co-ordinator.