Changing Course: GDEE Conference - Resources

At the end of March Engineers Without Borders UK partnered with Engineers Against Poverty and University College London to host an education and research based conference to bring students and academics together to discuss how engineering education is changing and to share ideas and dreams of what comes next.  We were very pleased to be able to present a unique opportunity to engage constructively with academics, students, policy-makers, and industry insiders promoting the global dimension in engineering education whilst also showcasing practical examples of highly innovative student projects.

The day had a broad range of attendees, from Deans of Engineering to first year students and included input from education systems and models all over the world through a mix of speakers and workshops.  Special thanks has to go to the academics and professionals from South Africa, Germany, USA, Ecuador and Canada who shared with us their views on global context and gave us ideas global dimension is being incorporated into undergraduate education.

Engineering education must evolve to adequately address pressing global challenges such as poverty, urbanisation, climate change and sustainability. Forward-thinking higher education institutions are already adapting courses to equip graduates with the skills, knowledge and attitude required to become global engineers of the future. But constraints remain, and must be overcome, if these improvements are to be scaled-up and maintained over time.

The full Conference Proceedings are now available, along with the Workshop Notes.