Bambui is a small village of approximately 20,000 inhabitants situated in Northwestern Cameroon.  It has recently experienced a large population surge after the contruction of a University.  This has brought lots of opportunities but also lots of challenges as the village becomes a semi-urban area.

Despite enjoying an atmosphere of peace and slight economic growth, this region is still considered to be one of the poorest in Cameroon with 30% of its population living with less than $1 a day.  Our partners, Reignite Action for Development, are using an innovative ‘action model’ to work with the local community to address a number of challenges which are contributing to the areas poor economic performance.

One of the issues identified is that there is limited access to safe drinking water.  Local water catchment areas are becoming increasingly polluted, partly due to the low levels of sanitation which means the majority of the population defecate in the open air.

An Engineers Without Borders UK volunteer, Marin, assisted with the building the capacity of two local graduates.  They took part in a training scheme which resulted in immediate improvements to the monthly water quality reports in the region and will go on to work with BAWA, the local water authority.

Martin also contributed to the development of the community by designing a code of practice for the water supply system, a digital map of the Bambui Water System, a water balance of the inputs and outputs of the water supply system and a project management plan for maintaining the existing infrastructure.

Together with Reignite Action for Development, our work in Bambui is improving the lives of the entire population.