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Sibol ng Agham at Teknolohiya (SIBAT)
Small Wind Turbine Development for Community Based Renewable Energy Systems
Metro Manila, The Philippines
July 2011
12 months
Prior Experience Needed


A 12 month placement with SIBAT, a Filipino non-governmental organisation developing and installing Community-Based Renewable Energy Systems (including micro-hydro systems, solar PV water pumps, wind turbines), conducting R&D into numerous post harvest processing technologies and helping develop Renewable Energy based systems for sustainable agriculture. 

What work will I be doing? 

Over the last 25 years, SIBAT have developed micro-hydro and solar technology as part of their community based renewable energy system (CBRES) model for remote, off-grid communities. The model aims to ensure a sustainable system through community participation and empowerment. It is seen as an appropriate development tool for isolated rural communities, providing electricity, post harvest agro-processing capabilities or pumped potable water. All SIBAT projects are to be implemented in partnership with a ‘people's organisation’ from the community, usually an indigenous, farming, fishing, resource management or women's group.

Having implemented several micro-hydro electricity generation and solar PV water pumping projects, SIBAT would like to continue to develop their wind turbine-powered water pumping programme. Previous EWB volunteers have worked on the installation, development and repair of micro hydro, solar and wind projects. This year they are looking at up scaling the 1kW wind turbine as well as increasing R&D relating to solar driers, PV desalinators, and biomass production for use on the sustainable agriculture farms.   SIBAT would like a volunteer to build upon this year’s work particularly.

This work will include:

  • Working with SIBAT engineers in assessing research and development needs of all renewable energy technologies, and developing a strategy to meet these needs.
  • Community assessment and feasibility studies for renewable energy systems
  • Assisting in the implementation of other CBRES projects
  • Community liaison
  • Help improve SIBAT’s capacity to develop, install and repair our RE systems
  • Develop key R&D needs such as desalinators, biomass fed post harvest technologies and up scaling the 1kW wind turbines

Who will I be working for?

The Sibol ng Agham at Teknolohiya (SIBAT) or ‘Wellspring of Science and Technology’ is a non-governmental organisation engaged in the promotion and development of appropriate technology and sustainable agriculture practices throughout the Philippines. SIBAT have been operating since 1984, and have projects in rural areas all over the Philippines. Their two main fields of work are renewable energy and sustainable agriculture.

SIBAT designs and installs projects in cooperation with local communities, aiming to generate real benefits and strengthen social justice and equitability among disadvantaged sectors and population.

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What skills or experience do I need?


  •  Mechanical, Electrical, Civil or Agricultural Engineer / Engineering Student (Electrical skills most important however mechanical, agricultural or civil otherwise)
  • Understanding of wind, solar and micro hydro systems required.
  • Willingness to learn new languages
  • Ability to cope with difficult living/working conditions
  • Interest in human development
  • Problem solver & independent worker
  • Willingness to be incredibly patient and continuously self motivated


  • Experience of working or living with different cultures / backgrounds
  • Experience of voluntary work
  • Experience in 3D design and construction beneficial (i.e. can design and oversee build of newly researched technology)
  • Possible extension of placement (at own cost)