Working in IT for International Development.

Cambridge, UK

Project Information

The 2 technical volunteers will be given the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, including:

  • Improving a low-bandwidth web browsing service;
  • Appropriate web design;
  • Developing network tools for bandwidth management and optimisation.


Partner Organisation

Aptivate is a non-profit organisation that believes in the power of knowledge and communication to alleviate poverty, suffering and conflict. It is dedicated to developing ICT services facilitate communication for unconnected communities, empowering ordinary people across the developing world to improve their lives.

The organisation was founded in 2002, and is based in Cambridge, UK. Aptivate has 10 paid staff, and between 4-10 volunteers working at any point in time. EWB-UK volunteers have supported activate for five years, making significant contributions to technical and non-technical projects. The organisation continues to listen and respond to feedback from past EWB-UK placement volunteers.

For more information you can download a summary of EWB-UK's relationship with Aptivate, or visit Aptivate's website.


Project costs

This is a 3-month placement. Estimated essential living and travel costs are in the region of £1000 - £1200. EWB-UK will cover up to all of the anticipated costs (amount not yet finalised). EWB-UK is prepared to support volunteers' efforts to raise additional funds, although this is unlikely to be necessary. After the selection process, a breakdown of the budget will be made available.


Pre-Departure Requirements

Placement volunteers will arrange for an informal project briefing with their project manager (a previous volunteer who is now responsible for setting up and monitoring the project on behalf of EWB-UK) and will be put in touch with the partner organisation. The volunteers should finalise placement dates, accommodation, and other details independently.

To make an effective contribution towards EWB-UK's ambitious aims for each project in the limited time available, volunteers should be prepared to conduct pre-departure research, and, supported by their project manager, contact organisations and individuals for further project support or guidance.


Requirements on Return

Placement volunteers are required to report to EWB-UK during and after the placement. For summer volunteers this includes two interim reports, which will be read and commented on by your project manager, and a final evaluation which will be discussed with your project manager in a debrief.

Furthermore, volunteers are actively encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences with other EWB-UK members. They will join a network where they will have opportunities to contribute to future placements or research projects, and give presentations to EWB-UK branches.



If you have further questions about this placement, or the EWB-UK Placements Programme, please click here to visit our FAQs