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Our Education Programme expands the coverage of global issues in university curricular. The team works with students, academics and professional organisations nationally to identify opportunities, translate these into viable programmes and support their implementation.

What We Do

  • Working with universities - The education team has supported many universities, advising them on course content that students find inspiring. Our broad experience in the area means that we can easily point academics to people and resources that will complement and improve their existing courses. We are currently working closely with the University of Bristol on a first year Civil Engineering module.
  • Working with institutions - The education programme has developed a close relationship with the Royal Academy of Engineering, delivering several workshops for their Engineering Leadership Scheme. We are also working with a partner organisation in India, in order to develop a summer school to take place in summer 2010.
  • National Library - We have a library in our head office in London. To see the catalogue click here.
  • Branch Libraries- Branches can apply for grants to support the setting up of their own libraries. For more information on the scheme and how to apply, click here.
  • Developing resources - We are currently working with EWB-Spain to develop our own textbook which offers information about development issues and engineering. Also, EWB-Edinburgh has a project runing called Project DIEM (Developing Intermediate Educational Material); see the Project DIEM website for more information.
  • Opportunities- We are interested in opportunities for students to take part in exciting activities across the globe, this includes everything from partnering with schools and universities in developing countries to attending International Training Courses in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. For more information please contact Join us on Facebook: EWB-UK International Training Courses.

How to get involved

If you are interested in finding out more about how to set up such a course at your university or would like to share your ideas about course material, please contact us here.

To fill in one of our member surveys, click here.