Our Initiatives

Outreach Programme

Through our Outreach initiative we aim to inspire the next generation of globally responsible engineers, engineers that know they can have a huge impact on the sustainability of our future and the well-being of everyone, everywhere.

We provide workshop resources for teachers and youth leaders, alongside the opportunity to have workshops delivered by our members and volunteers. These workshops encourage young people to explore the most pressing human development issues, inspire them to reflect and discuss, and show them how they can be part of the solution by becoming engineers, engaging with engineering and being more globally responsible citizens. The workshops are suitable for young people aged 4-16.

If you are interested in one of our member groups delivering a workshop at your school, youth group or other event then please contact us.


We currently have two workshops as part of our Outreach programme.

Power for the World

This workshop explores issues around renewable energy in the developing world. Pupils discover how energy access differs between their own country and Kenya, looking at different energy sources and solutions. At the end of session pupils work in teams to design and build their own wind turbine and test them out as a class.

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Water for the world

This workshop explores the challenges associated with the global water crisis, looking at accessibility to safe and clean drinking water around the world. Pupils learn about the importance of water to people’s everyday lives and examine possible solutions for conserving and filtering water. Pupils will design, build  and test their own water filter.

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