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Our Outreach programme works with schools around Nottingham inspiring today’s youth to engineer a better future. We have a selections of workshops for the students, including

   * Water for the World
    * Shelter for the World

And we are always looking for ways to improve our workshops, and come up with new and exciting ways to educate young students about the possibilities that engineering can bring. We work closely with STEM outreach programe and we have a number of registered STEM ambassadors as part of EWB, who work closely with STEMNET Nottinghamshire division



Our projects are a great part of EWB Nottingham. Previously they have included the construction of a wind turbine from scratch, designing and building a micro hydro-electric generator and making biodiesel. The projects vary in length from the smaller projects which take only a few weeks to complete to the larger projects such as the wind turbine which was carried out over a whole year, but all prove to be very popular.

This year We have been working on a version of a rope and washer pump that we can use with our other outreach work.  Our design demonstrates the key principles of rope and washer pumps whilst being portable and suitable for easy use at school and public outreach events.

Any suggestions are welcome. Please contact us using the email address below.                                   Wind Turbine                     




Our Workshops enable more of our members to get involved, without having to commit to a project. We just completed a really fun workshop, 'SLUMMING IT!!!'
It was in collaboration with Architecture Sans Frontieres. The aim was to learn to appreciate how 1/6 of the world's population
live in slums and the hardships they face. So we embarked on building shelters from waste materials and then spending the night in them,
from this we also were exploring the creative potential and building properties of waste materials. Whilst building, we were incredibly lucky to have
entertainment provided by a bicycle generated sound-system, it was a very enlightening experience for all.  



We have had talks from Brain Reed from the Water and Development Education Centre and Drew Corbyn coming to talk about his placement in the Philippines building wind turbines. And we have many more talks on the way.



Last year we put on a band night to raise funds for EWB. It was a great success with some of Nottingham University's finest bands performing. It acted as a great oppertunity for the members to get to know each other and for non-members to hear about what EWB do.



President: Oluwalogbon Akinnola

Vice-president: Patrick Sharkey

Treasurer: Michael Gallagher

General Secretary: Stavriana Charilaou

Training Officer: Sameen Barabhuiya

Student Engagement Officer: Sibi Thirunavukkarasu Sundaravadivel

Publicity and Communications: Ivan Bisterov

Outreach Officer:  Palaniappan Jaya Seelan

Placement Officer: Astha Desai


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