New stage reached for EWB movement in Europe

Engineers Without Borders groups in the UK, France, Spain, Sweden, Belgium and Denmark have marked a new stage of engagement and collaboration between them by signing a joint Memorandum of Understanding.

This is an exciting development that has resulted from a high level of engagement – and it sets the stage for more co-ordinated activities in the future. Significantly, the MoU brings some of the original EWB organisations with some of the post-millennium organisations together into a common understanding of the EWB movement.

Alexandro Pocchiesa, from EWB France’s international group, said “After several conference calls and face-to- face meetings, we now know we are a group of solid partners, sharing the same goals and with still lots of things to learn from each other. This achievement becomes the framework to establish the myriad of opportunities for collaboration that are open to us. Unity is strength, and now is the time!”

Andrew Lamb, Chief Executive of EWB-UK said: “EWB-UK sees the signing of this MoU as an important and historic step in the growth of the EWB movement. The MoU, quite simply, signifies the shared understanding of each other's organisations that we have reached after investing in joint dialogue and engagement over the past few years. The time we have spent together has paid off, since this shared understanding provides a platform for common activities that will strengthen our organisations and benefit our members. It's hugely exciting, so watch this space! We want to learn from each other and explore new opportunities together. EWB-UK is very grateful to everyone who has given so much to this dialogue over the past few years - it is deeply valued.”

The understanding was reached after numerous European-wide conference calls and, where possible, attendance at each other’s major events – such as National Conferences. Already, such collaboration is beginning to show significant promise with EWB groups in the UK, Spain, France and Belgium preparing a joint bid to the European Commission for funding for training activities in each country.

Engineers Without Borders UK already has a Memorandum of Understanding with EWB Ireland, which is specifically focused on organisational development through shared activities – for example, EWB-UK’s placement applications are now open to people living and working in Ireland. EWB-UK also engages regularly with other EWB groups in Europe that are not yet part of this Memorandum of Understanding, such as EWB Italy, EWB Germany and EWB Greece.