What is Intermediate Education?

Event Date: 
12 Feb 10, 18:00 - 14 Feb 10, 15:00
Edinburgh University, Kings and Central Buildings


Over this weekend we will look at how Intermediate Education can be a useful tool for engineers involved in International Development. There will be four talks which discuss the importance of this type of project, including Dr James Smith - author of "Science and Technology in Development". Participants will have the chance to talk to experts and get involved in hands-on design & build workshops focusing on affordable, sustainable and appropriate technological education material.

Project DIEM (Developing International Education Material) was initially setup by the Edinburgh Branch of Engineers Without Borders-UK (EWB-UK). The project was developed to allow integration of technical solutions into communities by promoting scientific and technical growth in local schools. The project is focused on "experimental learning" instead of didactic teaching methods that allow children to engage more with the sciences. It uses the technologies provided by partner NGOs (such as those who provide pump and well systems) as a catalyst for teaching. The combination of experimental learning and using local examples provides a more engaging form of teaching. In the short term this will enhance understanding of local technologies allowing for them to be discussed and redeveloped at the community level. In the long term it is hoped that a fully developed project will strengthen future technical capacities of development agencies, local governments and the private sectors within the countries.

Course fee: £15 (including lunch on Saturday and Sunday and materials for the course duration)