Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub aims to support entrepreneurs with ideas for new technologies and social enterprises that can help to empower societies in developing countries. EWB-UK is in a great position to offer this support as it has the people and knowledge in the organisation to help others develop their ideas.

The Innovation Hub team offers support and guidance to people with ideas to make sure that they reach their full potential.  Some areas where we can help you with:

1) Defining the technical problem you are trying to solve

2) Finding the human and technical resources to help you solve the problem

3) Developing a presentation of your solution that includes a review of existing technologies, presentation of the technical problem, impact of the solution, use cases and scenarios

4) Some informal advice on general questions around intellectual property matters

For some information on the Innovation Process, click here


If you believe we can be of help, drop us a line at german.bencci [at] or join the Innovation Hub here:

The Hub is looking for International Partnerships, click here for info



Another area related to the Hub is the The Competitions:

The Competitions pose questions related to one of EWB-UK’s Communities of Practice which teams are challenged to solve.  Prizes, funded by our partners, are awarded to the best entries.  These prizes take the form of funded internships to further develop the ideas from the competition entry. Find out more about The Competitions here.



The Innovation Hub is also on Facebook and Twitter.  Click on the icons below to see our pages: