Volunteer Roles

EWB-UK recruits volunteers in two ways. Our Volunteer Projects are time-bound projects which address immediate needs within the organisation, and are generally more suitable for busy individuals with specific skills. Our Volunteer Roles are longer term positions (up to a year) which require a more sustainable time commitment; these are ideal for anyone that wants to learn about running an organisation, but do not require a large amount of previous experience.

EWB-UK is currently undergoing an internal review. During this process recruitment for volunteer roles will be put on hold. Details of the roles required after the review will be published here in due course.

Frequently Asked Questions about Recruitment



Volunteer Reviewer | Spring 2015

This year again EWB-UK is looking for dedicated Challenge report and Placement applications reviewers. 

Each year our overseas placements attract over 250 applications, each to be graded twice. In addition to these, over 50 Challenge reports are graded in preparation for our National Finals in June. 

Of course, we cannot do it alone. That's why we need YOU to sign up to be a Volunteer Reviewer.

Returned Volunteer Coordinator

As the Returned Volunteer Coordinator within EWB-UK’s International Partnerships Team, you will hold a leadership role, oversee the coordination of EWB-UK’s network of returned international volunteers, encouraging active engagement as part of the EWB-UK Volunteer Journey.


Deadline for applications 27 February 2015.

Communications Co-ordinator

Communications Co-ordinator is in charge of making EWB-UK members communicate effectively.  You will manage a communications team to ensure we create the right buzz for our events and share the stories of our volunteers and partners to inspire people and create positive social change. 

Fundraising Co-ordinator

The Fundraising Co-ordinator is responsible for raising over £130,000 that EWB-UK needs to support our growing programmes in enginering education and poverty alleviation.

IT Team

The EWB-UK IT team comprises a range of skill sets but we're particularly interested in:

  • project managers
  • SalesForce support
  • website support
  • general support management
  • strategic thinking (in IT)

Placement Managers

Annually, EWB-UK supports approximately 30 placements with partner organisations across the world, providing young engineers with the opportunity to experience international development first hand.  Placement managers are integral members of the international partnerships team; they scout out the very best opportunities for our members.

Placement Mentor

Have you got a fair bit of engineering experience you think you'd like to share?  Are you wondering how you can get involved with EWB-UK?  If so, this Placement Mentor role could be for you.

Applications are ongoing. Please mention your name in the body of your application.