We have always welcomed interest from development organisations from the UK and internationally.

EWB-UK works with a number of different partner organisations around the world. All these partners have one thing in common - a track record of working to reduce poverty in their communities.

How we work with partner organisations

  • Placements Programme
    Every year the placements programme arranges work experience placements with a range partner organisations. Follow this link to find more about partnering with the placements programme
  • Letting you propose project ideas on our website to our members
    You can propose your project ideas on our website which our members can then see and choose to undertake. This can happen in a number of different ways, the most common of which is through student research projects at universities.  Follow this link to find out more about proposing project ideas.

What we look for in a partnership

  • To become an EWB-UK partner you must show:
    A track record of working to reduce poverty.
    The capacity to support and benefit from our volunteers.
    A clear need to use external technical knowledge and skills.
  • Proposed activities must include:
    Sustainable benefits for the community; global and local.
    Learning opportunities for the volunteer.
    The implementation of appropriate engineering and technology.
    Be in line with our organisational aims and approaches.