EWB-UK and Arup launch ‘Resilient Cities’ competition

EWB-UK and Arup have launched their ‘Resilient Cities’ competition. Open to University students and recent graduates across the UK, the competition encourages them to identify a city or a part of a city that they consider to be resilient and to research and analyse: what is it Resilient to (i.e. which shocks – e.g. floods and earthquakes, and stresses – e.g. heat and drought); how it demonstrates resilience; and to explain why it  stands out as a case study. The winner will be awarded a summer placement with Arup’s International Development group for four weeks with  a further 10 shortlisted entrants earning commendations at an awards ceremony.

This competition builds on the strategic partnership between EWB-UK and Arup, which is intended to inspire the next generation of engineers to develop specialist skills which will allow them make a positive contribution to poverty alleviation and international development.

To find out more, enter or ask questions, please visit http://climate-resilient-cities.org