In addition to our members, EWB-UK works with a number of commercial companies to deliver its goals


Working with EWB-UK can allow your company to contribute towards a development agenda and provide opportunities to connect with other similar organisations

Companies that are part of EWB-UK's network often find that employees connect with the professional network and become involved in activities that develop their managerial and practical skills


Why work with us?


 EWB-UK student members are highly practical, dynamic and socially aware through their exposure to real development engineering agendas. Such students are sought after, and often go on to become successful managers in engineering and other organisations.

Your company can see benefits of your support to EWB-UK specifically by encouraging staff development and retention, when joining EWB Professional network and becoming an corporate partner; highly talented engineers recruited, that have demonstrate through their placements at EWB their commitment to helping people out of poverty and can inspire young people about engineering.

More information about the benefits can be found on the Corporate Support site.

How to get involved?


There are various ways in which your company can get involved with EWB-UK, some of which are described briefly below. More information can be found on the Support us site or by contacting the Fundraising Team by email at


Sponsorship allows companies to connect with members from the EWB-UK Network.

Even giving as little as £5000 per year will give you

Bronze Sponsor status, and mean you are listed with our other donors on our sponsors' site,

alongside some big names.

Your name will also be listed in our Annual Review


Involve your company!

You could ask your HR to set up Payroll giving, and encourage employees to donate via the Give As You Earn scheme,a tax-effective, hassle-free way to donate. More information can be found by clicking here or contacting the Fundraising Team.

You could also match fund any donations that are coming from your employees, or set up a Pledgebank statement saying that you'll match funding if, for example, more than 50 employees give a certain percentage of their salary as they earn.  


Young Graduates Development Programme


If you are interested in enabling your young graduates to apply their engineering skills in an international development context, why not become a patron of RedR and take part in RedR's Future Relief Workers Scheme? This involves funding EWB-UK placements that your staff members go on, to help alleviate poverty whilst also developing the soft skills and confidence in your workforce. Email for more information.


More ideas of how to support us can be found here.