Welcome to the EWB-UK brand page! This resource is for anyone who is producing external written communications, presentations or other publicity materials for EWB-UK or an EWB-UK branch.  

Our brand is our identity and is used to represent who we are and can greatly influence the way in which people perceive our organisation.  For this reason it is important to maintain a consistent brand across the organisation, as it also helps with recognition and presents a level of professionalism. 

On this page, you can find logos, templates, publicity guidelines, and more. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the Communications Co-ordinator by emailing communications [at]


You can obtain a full guide to our brand by downloading the EWB-UK branding guidelines (PDF). For an overview of the important aspects, including sample text you can copy and paste, visit the branding guidelines page.


To obtain logos associated with our organisation, visit any of the logos pages listed below. On these, you can find versions of the following logos in a variety of colour schemes and image formats.

  • EWB-UK national logos (standard logo, "bright ideas" bulb, and others)
  • Branch logos (custom-designed by branches, as well as versions based on the EWB-UK standard logo)
  • Regional logos coming soon
  • Core area logos, including programme areas (Placements, Training, Research, Bursaries, Outreach, and Education) as well as ommunity and support area logos (e.g. Finance, IT, Publicity)
  • Communities of Practice logos


We are currently working on a number of templates such as posters, leaflets and presentations to make it easier to produce documentation that is consistent across the organisation.  

There is a newsletter template available for use with Groupspaces, please see below for more information. 

Please check back regularly for updates.

Official Documentation

EWB-UK has a number of official documents such as leaflets.  These will soon be available to download.  Our Annual Review can be downloaded here.

Please check back regularly for updates.

Emails, Newsletters, and Mailing Lists


EWB-UK recommends Groupspaces to all of its affiliated branches groups for managing their mailing and membership. All EWB-UK groups are allowed to use Groupspaces for free, provided they affiliate their group to the EWB-UK hub (student groups can use the service for free whether affiliated or not).

There is also has an EWB-UK branded HTML email template for use with Groupspaces. This template can be used to produce professional-looking emails consistent with the EWB-UK brand. The template is available for use by any affiliated branch or group, and is currently used for our national newsletters. To see what the email template looks like, have a look at some of our previous newsletters.  The instructions for configuring the template are included in the group setup instructions. 

To get started on using Groupspaces, or if you're interested in using the EWB-UK newsletter template and would like to know how to edit it to show the logo of your branch/region, please contact the Commuinications Co-ordinator by emailing communications [at] It doesn't take long to set up, and you'll be creating professional-looking newsletters in no time!