EWB-Birmingham Homepage





We have activities planned for most Monday evenings during the year. See our calendar and join the Facebook Group and Mailing List on GroupSpaces for full details.

The sorts of activities we are involved with are:

  • Training weekends, external trips and practical workshops;
  • Guest speaker talks
  • Encouraging and helping members apply for EWB-UK placements
  • EWB Outreach

Free buffets are offered at most events and presentations. EVERYBODY is welcome to attend.

Our Committee

The EWB-Birmingham committee is dedicated to achieving a down-to-earth society, aware of the needs for development work and funding for projects in the developing world. 

They are great at organising social events as well as educational ones.

President: David Streather

Vice Presidents:  James Powis & Zeerak Shahab

Secretary:  Agota Mockuté

Outreach Coordinators: Jake Brookes

Cameroon Catalyst Coordinator: Joe Kenyon


EVERYBODY is welcome to join the society.