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EWB-UK aim to embed sustainable human development within the engineering curriculum at universities throughout the UK.

Welcome to EWB-UK's Academic Community! The Academic Community is a group for anyone who delivers teaching at a university. We offer support to academics and universities through several programmes, providing training courses, teaching resources, research projects and access to guest speakers that raise awareness of international and sustainable development.
Watch this video to see what our academics think about what we have been doing....


See links to the programmes listed below for more information on how EWB-UK can support you:
The EWB Challenge - A design programme for first and second year university undergraduates

Research Programme - The Research Programme supports students and research supervisors in carrying out research on behalf of international development organisations at undergraduate, masters and doctoral level.  

Global Dimension of Engineering Education (GDEE) - The GDEE project provides both training courses and materials that assist academics in their teaching and research supervision, see below for more details.  

Academic Training - Regular academic engagement days and courses as on-going opportunities for academics to learn about issues in international and sustainable development, as well as on-going support for academics in incorporating these issues into engineering education. 

Academic Resources - Educational materials to support teaching at universities, for example lectures and case studies.

Outreach Programme The outreach programme allows engineering students to visit schools to run workshops which inspire today’s youth to engineer a fairer future. 


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