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Jonny Gutteridge
Head of International Partnerships and Chief Executive

jonny.gutteridge [at]

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Jonny volunteered on a health project in Tanzania in 1994 and went on to build a career in communications and project management in both international development and UK voluntary sector infrastructure organisations.  His role in EWB-UK includes developing our work with international partners, co-ordinating the international placements programme, supporting EWB-UK members to lead programme partnerships and helping to engage international partners in our research work.

Rachel Murray
Monitoring and Evaluation

rachel.murray [at]

Rachel first got involved with Engineers Without Borders in her final year studying Civil Engineering at Queen’s University Belfast, attending the Clare Farm course. Following the course she went on to promote EWB-UK at her university where there was no branch. When she graduated in 2009 she undertook a 6 month placement in Cameroon with the Royal Commonwealth Society of Cameroon working on rural water supply. On her return she got involved with the Placements team, helping with the review of proposals and selection of volunteers for placements. Rachel now works for Black & Veatch in their Flooding, Coastal and Rivers team and has joined the National Executive as the Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator. She took on this role as she believes that it’s important to find out where EWB-UK’s strengths lie and to understand the real impact the charity is having.   

Laura Peach
Placements, Africa Region

laura.peach [at]

Laura graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2011 with a MEng degree in Mechanical Engineering having been involved with EWB-Sheffield Branch since her second year.  Her involvement started through the Outreach programme, she then focussed on raising EWB-Sheffield profile through taking on a Publicity role, and in her last year took on the job of Training Coordinator.  In August 2011 she travelled to Tanzania and Uganda to build relationships with a couple of NGOs, having future branch partnerships in mind.  The experience gained here led Laura to becoming Placements Coordinator for the Africa region; she is keen to improve communication between all stakeholders, make sure our volunteers are suitably supported in the field, and work closely with the new Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator to ensure all parties continue to get the most out of our partnerships.


Ellie Griffiths
Placements, Asia Region

ellie.griffiths [at]

Ellie Griffiths is currently a Mechanical Engineer with the architectural and engineering practice, Arup Associates. She previously studied for her mechanical engineering masters at Nottingham University. Ellie first became involved in EWB-UK through her University branch, she later became branch President and ran numerous activities including workshops, projects and outreach programs. Ellie went on an EWB placement while at university, to work on the implementation of improved cookstoves in rural India. She established strong relationships during her trip which lead to a collaboration for her her final year project, based on cookstove technology, research and design. She followed up this work with a further trip to India to work with the social enterprise for 3 months. Within EWB she is currently working with the placements and branch support teams. Ellie’s main interests and passions are in sustainability in human development and climate, which are both conflicting and congruent with an unhealthy love for travel.


Marcos Pelenur
Placements, Americas Region

marcos.pelenur [at]

As a Regional Placements Coordinator, Marcos is responsible for the management of EWB-UK placements in the Americas - currently in Peru and Mexico. Previously, Marcos was involved with EWB-UK for a number of years as a Placement Manager for a NGO in the Philippines, where he managed community-based renewable energy projects. As well as his involvement with EWB-UK, Marcos also volunteers at a Ugandan primary school ( and is currently completing his PhD in Engineering for Sustainable Development at the University of Cambridge (profile here: As a Chartered Engineer with IET, Marcos is excited to be part of the National Executive and looks forward to helping empower a new generation of young engineers to take an active interest in development.


Angus McBride
Member-led Partnerships, Strategy and Assessment

angus.mcbride [at]

Always looking for an adventure, Angus has been on two EWB-UK projects abroad and is now keen to help branches and the professional network with their international projects. Angus was a member of EWB-Edinburgh whilst at university and spent a summer working in the WASH sector in Cambodia.

Since graduating he has spent a year in South Africa getting his hands dirty on an EWB-UK placement, developing a pit latrine emptying machine among other things. Currently based in the North West, Angus is determined to help as many EWB-UK members as possible to get out there and do some amazing engineering across the world.

Andy Pickering
Member-led Partnerships, Guidance and Training

andy.pickering [at]

Andy got involved in EWB-UK during his first year of Engineering at Cambridge. As secretary and later co-president of the branch, he helped to start the branch's first overseas partnership, spending the summer of 2010 in DR Congo helping to implement improvements to school sanitation in Kinshasa.

Having left university he found that he missed the vibrant community of EWB-UK, and was eager to try to apply lessons that he had learned. He hopes to make it easier for branches to take the concept of Member-Led Partnerships forward.

Emma Crichton
International Education

emma.crichton [at]

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Alex Buckman

alex.buckman [at]


Alex became involved in a young branch of EWB in Sheffield in 2009 and became the first Education Officer at Sheffield in 2011, creating ties between the academic staff and EWB Sheffield to help run and propose projects to 3rd and 4th year undergraduates, promote the EWB Challenge at Sheffield and incorporate a global dimension into the engineering curriculum. Alongside this he has initiated an ongoing design project for a CBO in Malawi and is now pursuing a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. He wants to continue the growth of the fantastic research that is produced through EWB-UK and facilitate a strong understanding of EWB-UK among university staff.


Lincoln Smith


lincoln.smith [at]

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Lincoln got involved with Engineers Without Borders through the branch at Birmingham University and through national training events. He studied Chemical & Energy Engineering at Birmingham University, and currently works as a Chemical Engineer for BP. In 2010 he went on a summer EWB-UK placement with SELCO in south India, developing a low cost food dryer for use by farmers living in rural areas. He has been the Training Coordinator at EWB Birmingham, and an EWB-UK Placement Manager. As training coordinator, he is keen to enthuse people about the role of engineering, appropriate technology and international development in alleviating poverty.

Emma Thomas


emma.thomas [at]


Emma first became involved with EWB-UK during her second year at Warwick University, starting up Warwick’s Outreach scheme alongside a good friend. After a year of running the Outreach scheme, she became the Midlands Regional Outreach coordinator, a position she held for two years before becoming the National Outreach coordinator. During her final year at the University she became Co-President of the Warwick Branch. Though she has graduated from University and is entering the world of work, she is excited to still be involved with EWB-UK. This year she wishes to build on the amazing work of her predecessors and help Outreach to grow and develop.

Find out more about Outreach here.


Nicola Greene
Material Development

nicola.greene [at]

Nicola completed her undergraduate degree in Biosystems Engineering in University College Dublin without ever considering working outside of Ireland. That all changed in 2008, when during time in rural Brazil, she saw the value that more appropriate engineering solutions could have for the local population. It was upon her return that she first discovered EWB-UK and has been involved ever since.

She is currently completing a PhD with the Water, Engineering and Development Centre in Loughborough University looking at opportunities for improved water and sanitation provision in the North West of Nepal. She hopes that through development of strong educational materials, EWB-UK can reach many more individuals and encourage them to use their skills to tackle poverty.

Siobhan McGrath
Academic Network

siobhan.mcgrath [at]


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Siobhan first become involved with EWB in 2007, when she set up the branch at Cranfield University. She went on an EWB-UK Placement to India in 2008 to work with a local NGO, RUCHI, to improve the local water supply in the village of Bandh. Since then she has remained involved with the EWB movement, including helping to set up EWB Ireland. She joined the EWB-UK National Executive in 2012 to help make engineering degrees more exciting!

Outside of EWB, Siobhán is a PhD student at Cranfield University and the Deputy Secretary General at European Young Engineers (EYE). 

Emily Mattiussi
EWB Challenge Manager

emily.mattiussi [at]


Emily first became involved in EWB-UK while completing a Masters in Technology and Development at the University of Edinburgh. Her research into EWB's learning programmes gave her a good understanding into engineering education in the UK. 

Emily completed her engineering degree in Canada and volunteered for EWB Canada as a member and then chapter co-president.


Lizzie Norris
Workshop and Events

lizzie.norris [at]

Lizzie first got involved with Engineers Without Borders UK when she set up the Exeter University branch in her first year at university after an inspiring talk from one of her lecturers about RedR. Since then she has been involved at branch, national team and at national executive level in fundraising, training and helping out run some of EWB-UK's most exciting events such as the Small is ...Festival held in conjunction with Practical Action and the EWB-UK National Conference. 



Kora Korzec
Head of Engagement

kora.korzec [at]

Kora joins EWB-UK with a strong background in communications, fundraising and stakeholder engagement with organisations including PR firms, a County Council, consulting firms and a major UK charity. She has been campaigning for sustainable lifestyles for over three years before joining EWB-UK. Kora has a degree in psychology from Jagiellonian University in Krakow, in her native Poland, and has taken training and qualifications in topics such as social return on investment, working with communities, social marketing and creative writing. Her volunteering experience includes working with the TED Open Translation Project, the Global Poverty Project in Cambridge and a science communication project called ‘Dance your PhD’.

Sarah Button

sarah.button [at]

Sarah’s interest in international development was sparked by her experiences travelling in third world countries with her family as a child. She joined EWB Imperial in 2008 and later became Vice President then Co-President of the branch. In 2009 she led the Imperial College Tanzania Rainwater Harvesting Project which built 3 ferro-cement rainwater harvesting systems in rural towns. The project now runs annually and has become a charity, Raincatcher, of which Sarah is a trustee. She graduated with a Masters in Chemical Engineering in 2011 and took a year out before starting a graduate job to work for EWB-UK and Raincatcher. Sarah will be one of two Fundraising Co-ordinators this year and will be focussing on corporate engagement.



Patrick Retallick

patrick.retallick [at]

Patrick first got involved with Engineers Without Borders in his second year studying Mathematics at The University of Exeter. He became the branch’s Mathematics rep and was appointed onto the bursary panel in the same year, taking part in EWB-Exeter’s ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ challenge and the ‘1.4 billion reasons’ talk hosted by the branch.

With experience writing for the university media and a desire to become more involved with EWB-UK, Patrick turned his efforts to EWB-UK’s press relations and, upon his appointment as Press – Coordinator in February 2012, set to work engaging journalists with EWB-UK's work and providing a channel for those with an interest in international development.



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Jo Sinisgalli
Fundraising and Corporate Partnerships

jo.sinisgalli [at]

Jo is a final year Civil Engineering with Italian student at the University of Sheffield, where she is currently President of the EWB-Sheffield branch. She first became involved with EWB during her pre-university year at Arup, and served as Sheffield EWB’s Fundraising Co-ordinator in 2010-11. In 2011 she organised a treasure hunt around Europe as part of Sheffield’s RAG Committee, raising £24,000 for charities. Jo has a strong interest in international development, particularly the role of the hydraulic engineering sector in providing clean water and sanitation in developing countries, and recently returned from the EWB Summer School in Tanzania about WASH technologies. She hopes to put her experience to good use in her new role as a member of the EWB-UK National Executive and is also focusing her efforts on developing and expanding the Sheffield branch.

Sakthy Selvakumaran

events [at]

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James Phylip-Jones
Professional Network

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James first got involved in EWB-UK while studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Warwick. After graduating he spent six months in Fort Portal, Uganda setting up the company DTWU and two months in Ibba, South Sudan working for the charity FIGS. After returning to the UK he took up a position at Rolls-Royce and helps to maintain our Professional Network. He aims to further expand the network whilst increasing ties with student branches.

Nicola Lazenby
Branch Support

nicola.lazenby [at]

Nicola began her university life studying civil engineering at Newcastle University where she was co-founder of Newcastle's EWB Branch. Upon graduating she continued her studies at the E-Futures Doctoral Training Centre at the University of Sheffield. Following her presidency at EWB Newcastle, Nicola became Regional Branch Support for the North East and Scotland before becoming National Branch Support. Nicola is no stranger to volunteering; having been a London 2012 Games Maker over the summer, she now turns her attention to a voluntary role slightly more related to her degree! This year she hopes to engage with students to create a stronger network of branches across universities, sharing and collaborating on ideas, projects and training!

Find out more about what I do in the Branch Support section.


Niels Campman
Operational Planning

niels.campman [at]

Niels graduated from Sheffield University in 2010 with an MEng in Mechanical Engineering with French. Specialising in renewable energy, he is now interested in understanding the role that technology has in combating energy poverty. He first became actively involve with EWB-UK whilst in Sheffield, working with a small team to build a small wind turbine from scrap materials. Following on from this he was part of a team that organised a trip to a small NGO based in Guatemala to develop and implement the concept of a small scale, vertical axis wind turbine for rural applications. Since graduating he has undertaken a 6 month position at Practical Action Nepal, through the EWB-UK placement scheme and is now working at Renewable Energy Systems Ltd, where he works on the development of renewable energy projects within the UK.

Marcus Revington
IT (Information Technology)

marcus.revington [at]

Marcus is an Electrical and Electronic Engineering graduate from the University of the West of England, Bristol. After graduating Marcus took the opportunity to work for a web development company designing highly bespoke custom e-commerce websites. After meeting a current National Exec member from 2011 Marcus started volunteering his time in helping out on the IT Team for EWB-UK. A year passed and having gained a great deal of experience with EWB-UK’s IT systems, applying to be on the National Exec was the logical next step.

Marcus intends to use his experience gained from commercial IT and apply it to the organisation, with the intention of updating and modernising the EWB-UK website and streamlining operations.

Being an engineer who ended up in a non-engineering career, Marcus is looking forward to keeping his interest fresh through the organisation whilst providing his time for a good cause.

Ben Krawiec

Ben.Krawiec [at]

Ben first got involved with Engineers Without Borders whilst in his first year studying Civil Engineering at Cardiff University, and became the branch's treasurer in his second year taking part in Outreach and other branch events, including a trip to the Centre for Alternative Technology, as well as being a Regional Outreach Coordinator for the Wales and SW England branches. On starting an industrial placement, with Caerphilly County Borough Council, this year it seemed the perfect time for him to get involved with EWB-UK at a national level.

Find out more about Outreach here.


Lee Pearson

lee.pearson [at]

An American in England, Lee Pearson arrived in the UK four years ago. He has been involved with EWB-UK as a Placement Manager for a rural NGO in Uganda. He previously led his student branch of EWB-USA at Duke University where he was an undergraduate in Civil/Environmental Engineering. With Duke EWB, he led projects in Peru and Uganda. Moving from engineering to development and policy research, he is currently doing a PhD in the Centre for Environmental Policy at Imperial College London (see here for academic profile:

Lee is excited to join the National Executive, helping to improving budgeting and finances for this fantastic organization! 


Chloe Underdown
Innovation Engagement

chloe.underdown [at]

Chloe first got involved with EWB-UK at the Cambridge branch assisting with Outreach and talks. She later became Co-President alongside fellow national exec member Ben. Chloe was one of the founding members of CamCam, a partnership between the Cambridge branch and OK-Clean Water, an NGO based in North West Region, Cameroon that implement gravity fed water systems in villages. Currently in her final year studying Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, she is looking forward to supporting the new Innovation Hub.

Muhammad Tahir
Communities of Practice

Muhammad.Tahir [at]

Muhammad an Electrical Engineer from the University of Sheffield was first introduced to EWB-UK through the Sheffield branch. The subsequent talks and events organised by the branch got him interested in EWB-UK.  Whilst on his placement year, he joined EWB-UK's fundraising team and helped raise funds through National Grid's sponsorship scheme. He then went on to take up the position of a placement manager, where he was responsible for creating placement opportunities, recruiting and managing volunteers. Muhammad now works for Siemens on a graduate program. He currently essays the role of a National Coordinator for Communities of Practice EWB-UK. His main responsibilities include disseminating managing and compiling EWB-UK's vast knowledge base.

Ben Phelps

Ben Phelps

Innovation Hub Co-ordinator

Ben.Phelps [at]

Ben first got involved with EWB-UK at Cambridge where he was secretary for two years before taking the reigns as co-president in his final year.  After graduating with a mechanical engineering degree, he has helped set up the Innovation Hub and is a director and founder of his own not-for-profit business, CT Change.  In his spare time he designs jet engines for Rolls Royce.